Top 10 Movies of All Time – Timeless Classics of Cinema History

Top 10 Movies of All Time – Timeless Classics of Cinema History

Those Movies have been picked by me and represent my opinion. Feel free to comment your favorite movies in the comment section and I will answer you!

Cinematography has a rich history of great movies and writing. Most of the films in this video are conidered classics of the cinema, they represent my idea of good movies.
I inlcuded a variety of genres as well to show that they don’t necessarily have to be drama or thriller movies.

Will do a top 50 of my favorite films overall pretty soon.
You can look forward to it, cause I have seen a good amount of movies by now (not bragging lol).

These intense films range from horror to thriller to drama and are widely popular for good reasons. Some have received honorable awards like the oscar for example, others got rather mediocre ratings. I found them exciting and thrilling nonetheless – have fun watching!

Many of the scenes show violent behaviour, please don’t watch if you are underaged.

I do not own any rights on the clips I have shown, they are just implemented for visual purposes.

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